Biking : Mountain bikes, Singlespeed bikes and Gravel bikes …

I’ve been biking now for over 30 years now

Biking : Mountain bikes, Singlespeed bikes and Gravel bikes … : I love biking. Mostly mountain biking. But I’m changing as I get older. Road biking, if it’s too wet or muddy to get out on the trails, and nearly always riding the Singlespeed. And now I’ve added Gravel riding as well as its my latest bike.

I started Gravel riding in 2019. It’s a mixture of road and off-road, it’s fun, combining road riding and MTB, so on nice days for instance you can start out on the road and finish in the woods.

Biking has been my main sport for over 30 years now. Most of my friends come from this sport. It’s clean, healthy and can be a lot of fun. Sometimes dangerous, when you fall off, or go over the handlebars OTB. But life would be boring if it wasn’t dangerous sometimes.

I do other sports, such as crossfit, gym, nordic walking, trail or road running, swimming and others. Some days I even have trouble deciding what sport to do.

Below are some photos of my latest bikes. The complete details can be found under separate posts

Van Nicholas Tuareg titanium hardtail, version 2013 650b 27.7″

My favourite bike Van Nicholas Tuareg, Ti 27"
Van Nicholas MTB Titanium Hardtail 650b -27.”

Cannodale CAAD10 3 road bike, version 2012
Update this has been sold

Cannodale CAAD10 3 road bike, version 2012

Pompino Singlespeed

Pompino Singlespeed, Frame version 4

Orange Gravel RX9 Pro

I’ve not yet done my write up on this bike, but as usual I have changed most of the original components…..

Gravel Orange RX9 Pro – 2019

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