Me, Moi, Yo – Who am I ?

Covid Hair cut, saves me going to the hairdressers
Who am I ? Just a normal guy, left school at 16. Moved to France when I was about 25, been here ever since. I’m now 63 (2021)

( This is the new version of my old WordPress blog, totally rewritten in 2021)

Who am I ? A blog is about what I like or love doing :

  • Sports : biking, running, working-out, crossfit, swimming, trekking . Basically just keeping fit.
  • Playing with computers or gadgets. Trying to help others with details of how things work in the gadget or computer section.
This page is long, bear with me…

2012 : Became my ‘Gym year’. Taking time off biking and spending most days at the gym, still keeping fit.

2015 : Became my ‘Crossfit year’ this slowly taking over from the gym. Much better

2017 : My mail order company that I created 30 years earlier closed down in November 2017 as we couldn’t compete any longer. A difficult time for me.

2018 : January – Finally retired. I had started working at 16 years old and so was allowed to retire at 60.

Deaf…. (but not dead)

2018 :Ended a bad year for me. Fractured my ankle while out trail running and three days later totally lost my hearing in my right ear. Lost 70% hearing in my left ear with about 90% loss of comprehension of spoken words. I can still hear a little with the left ear, just can’t understand what’s being said.

2019 : March, I was kitted out with a Cochlear Implant so I can ‘hear’ again, though this is far from perfect, but I can now understand people when they are up close and in a not to noisy environnement

In October I went on my first trek, this is a new pastime for me. It gives me the chance to take of my Cochlear Implant and be ‘alone’ in my head with a rucksack on my back.

2021 : Now 63 years old. Ankle though still not perfect is better, I’m trail running again, but very soft and short distances, 10 kms max and of course my other sports.

I’m still biking, in fact rather a lot….. mostly my Van Nicholas Tuareg MTB or if too muddy on the road with my Singlespeed or my latest bike an Orange Gravel.

Crossfit I’ve started again after taking a break because of Covid

My Nucleus Cochlear implant
My Nucleus Cochlear implant

I’m deaf but not dead and I won’t stop

Who am I : I speak two languages, learning a third.
Me – Moi – Yo.
Me, English
Moi, French
Yo, Spanish (I’m trying to learn Spanish. Being deaf makes it a real challenge)