57 years old and doing Crossfit – They call me Papy.

57 years old and doing Crossfit

57 years old and doing Crossfit. Okay It's a horrible grimace that I making .....
Okay It’s a horrible grimace that I making …..

Crossfit, why it’s so good…

2015 – I’m 57 years old and I’m the oldest guy in town, well okay at the Crossfit box where I’m a member. Many call me Papy (granddad in French) as I’m the oldest guy there and I’m loving it.

It’s just to good. Far better than my local gym where I’d been a member for the last three years or more.

Crossfit is everything that you could wish for, and more…

Crossfit is everything that you could wish for, and more. It works just about every muscle in your body, it doesn’t just give you bigger muscles that gym workouts tend to do for you. For me it goes far beyond working out at a gym.

Don’t get me wrong I still like going to the gym when I feel the need to work out a particular part of my body. As I can do for instance a hour’s session on my chest or arms.

Its hard work, but so gratifying

It’s hard work, but so gratifying when at the end of the WOD (workout of the day) you finish, gasping for breath, moaning, ’cause you hurt all over, especially when doing burpees, tractions, wall balls, handstand push ups etc.

Working out often with another members, or as a couple or in a group. this is about comradeship working with other members from the same or opposite sex, stronger or weaker than you. With age differences that can be important. At the gym you tend to be on your own or just with a friend. It’s not quite the same.

Some WODs you do on your own, trying to beat the others. Heavier weights, faster…, or just to finish in a preset time. Sessions are limited to about twelve persons. When you finished your WOD you encourage the others to finish, (or be encouraged) again comradeship, so rare these days..

Certain movements / exercises in Crossfit I’m unable to do correctly. Weightlifting movements such as snatch and clean and jerks are more than difficult.

My back and shoulders just not supple enough any more. Kipping and Butterflies (chin ups with a difference) elude me completely. But this is where Crossfit is better than most gyms.

The coaches are always there to watch and correct your movements and all know that I’m weaker than others in certain areas and so they adapt some sessions for me (and others if need be).

I’m now 63 years old – 2021

2021 So here am I back again after almost a year’s break because of the Covid situation. Doing about two sessions per week. The other free days are spent at the gym, trail running or biking.

As I am now deaf, and having to use a Cochlear Implant for my right ear, https://bit.ly/3kzIdz3 hearing at the box has become a little more complicated for me, BUT I’m not stopping. The coaches and other adherents know I’m deaf and make signs so that I can follow when need be. Deaf but not dead.

So finally : DON’T try Crossfit…, (JOKE) otherwise you may never do anything else. It’s better than : gym, riding or running (I know, I still do them all) as it’s a mix of everything and more.

This is the link to my club, here in France where I live : http://crossfitcergy.com/https://www.helio.fitness/


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