La Jean Racine VTT – MTB 2010

This is a MTB course with several different ‘parcours’ that can be done

I with the usual bunch of friends decided to do the raid 60km

Weather was perfect a beautiful sunny day, the ground was just perfect, not to dry but not wet either, perfect …

This was like the Gamel Trophy that I had done last year, it was extremely good, nearly all single track, all up and down hill with literaly no road or flat trails to recuperate so the ‘parcours’ is very trying and tiring, also quite technical

With 60km and 1700 dénivelé positif (still don’t what dénivelé is in English) this has to be one of the best VTT rides in France along with the Gamel Trophy

Well worth the 90mins car trip to do it, the forest is huge and is  really great and was well worth the visit

I screwed up the recording on my Edge 705 so I have not added this trip to, will get it right next time

A special hello to Vincent, I encountered him at the  raid Limousin in 2009 and found him at the Jean Racine, it’s a small world

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