Raid Limousin – Rando Limousine VTT 2009

I decided to do the “raid Limousine” in Treignac this year, 4 days of biking in Coreze with about 215km 5000m dénivilé, having never done anything like this before I decided to do it as it sounded fun with over 180 riders

With Tony, Nicolas and Laurence we arrived Wednesday night ready for Thursday morning

Thursday : 62km with 1591m positive and 1568 negative this was nice and hard, especially the last 10km, nice easy (hic) route, load of single track, some mud as it had rained the week before and loads of ups and down, but nothing really to difficult or to technique , including the lunch break it took all in all 6h 45mins, My GPS trace–2

Friday : this for me was the best of the 4 rides, 50km starting from the lake in Chateauneuf la forêt, the first 15km was fairly tough but the last 15km was mostly downhill with dry ground, just flew down it, all in all 50km with 1305 positive and 1284 negative, and at the end as it was a lovely sunny day took a dip in the lake, great, when I got back to Treignac as I was feeling just fine I went out and found a geocache ‘Pierre de Druides’  adding another 10km to the day, My GPS trace–2

Saturday : another 60km 1516 positive and 1506 negative but boy some really steep un-ride-able hills and loads of mud in one area and having to cross a river up to the thighs as well, including lunch this took about 6h 20mins, My GPS trace–2

Sunday: only 33km and quite a lot on small back roads giving the legs time to recuperate, only 800 positive and 787 negative, My GPS trace–2

All in all a very good 4 days, the riders was all nice and friendly (special hello to Vince, Ed and Eric with whom I rode with for a while)  a very good atmosphere , well organised and fun, will add some photos as soon as possible

Finely a very special thank you to the organisers of this raid, it was well organised, everything was just perfect :), see you next year

I’m on the left, don’t remember the bloke’s name on the right, younger than me but we rode a lot together.

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