Garmin GPSMAP 64s – Slippery bits of information #4

Garmin GPSMAP 64s – Slippery bits of information #4 : Trying to add waypoint to a certain place on the map in your Garmin 64s is sadly more than just complicated.

There is for instance a ‘mark’ button on the left hand side of the front of the machine. So obviously you say to yourself , cool. I’ll just place the cursor over the area that I want a waypoint, and it will create a way point for me. BUT NO. This doesn’t work. It does actually create a waypoint but at your home position. I wanted to create some  waypoints about 600 kms from my home. STUPIDO 64s ……..

So here what you have to do to create a waypoint where you have actually placed the cursor. With the cursor where you want your waypoint to be, hit the Enter button, then the Menu  button then you can choose the menu to save the waypoint. As Spock would have said logic no ???

This will create a waymark (blue flag) with just a number #1 if its your first waypoint. You can’t name it yet. To name it ‘Camping site, picnic area etc.) you have go into the main menu. Then Setup, choose Waypoint Manager and there you will be able to see all waypoints created. From here you can name the waypoint to something more telling than waypoint #1…..

Slippery bits of information……

From the menu waypoint manager you can delete all waypoints by just pressing the menu button and delete all. To delete a individual waypoint, it’s just a little less obvious (of course) hit the enter button while over the waymark in the listing. From here you can rename the waypoint, although even that’s  not obvious. (just use the middle buton to go up to the top of the screen to change the name or press  the menu button and you will now have a new pop-up menu to delete, move or a set proximity alert for instance. As usual not obvious. Lets keep on dancing Garmin… Another way to delete waypoints or rename them is by using Basecamp.

Have fun

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